Saturday, May 22, 2010


Well, it's been a while since I've done ANYTHING. So, I'm going back to square one to get a better foundation of how to program in Java. I picked up a 8lb, umpteen page book entitled Java How to Program by two Deitel guys.

Chapter 1 gives the reader a basic background in computers, programming and so on and covers setting Java up on your machine. One notable thing is the "politically-correctedness" of some of the example programs which I find particularly aggrivating: calculating your carbon footprint (if you are part of the Global Warming, ooops, I mean Climate Change cult), calculating the BMI (bogus and unscientific way of determing whether or not you are obese), and an app for Gender Neutrality (claiming that gender based words are above all things SEXIST - adored by metrosexuals and psycho-feminist freaks). Really? Wear your politics on your sleeves much, guys?

Notwithstanding the PC BS, Chapter 1 has been ok and I like the presentation of the information. Looking forward to chapter 2.

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