Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project hosting

Some guys from work and I are collaborating on Android projects. Mostly to learn from each other as we go along. Initially we opted for using Project Locker for our project hosting. But, that's a bit on the constrained side. You are limited to 3 collaborators and 300MB for your projects and I believe something like only 3 projects. I did some investigating and decided to switch over to Assembla. There you have unlimited projects, 2GB of project space, and up to 10 collaborators on a team. You also can have 'private' (commercial) repos. Not too shabby. Ideally, it'd be best to host our own stuff, but I'm lazy and didn't feel like leaving up a box 24/7.

On the repo side of things we're using Git. I'm still getting my head wrapped around the way that it works, but so far have been okay with it. There's a bunch of stuff you need to get set up beforehand, though, so it definitely has a learning curve (and I'm still on the rising slope in that respect.) Here's some Windows config stuff I recently sent out to the team to give them a leg up on things. Share and Enjoy.


Here's some help with getting Git up and running under Windows. If you run into problems, let me know and I'll see what I can do to help.

Tools you need to set up Git and repo access under Windows:

SSH agent:



Extract the putty files to a directory. Run PuttyGen. You'll use this for generating a private & public key that is required for checking files to the host server. Give it a key comment... I use tim@MY_MACHINE. Save the .ppk off. Don't bother saving the public key off -- if you ever need it in the future, just run PuttyGen and load in your .ppk file to get a copy. Copy & paste the public key -- you'll be using this on Assembla.

The Git Repo hosting is on You'll need to register there to access the space that I've created for the Pazaak game.

For adding SSH keys:
1) Login
2) Click on "Profile"
3) Scroll down and add a key under the Git repo

If you want to create a project space for yourself:
1) Login
2) Click on "Spaces"
3) Click on "Create a new space"
4) Click on "See all workspace configurations"
5) Click on "Select" next to "Free Git Repository - Unlimited commercial uers" (sic)
6) Give it a name
7) Click on "Create the Space"

Git on Windows

When prompted, tell it you want to use plink. Plink is part of the file above.

1) Download & install the msysgit preview.
2) Download & install TortoiseGIT
3) Use TortoiseGIT to create a local repo
4) On Assembla, click on the space you are interested in
5) Reference the Git URL for that space from within Tortoise
6) Do a pull from the server repo to your local repo and you should be good to go (right-click on the dir, TortoiseGit > Pull etc.)
7) In Eclipse, just do an Import... > From Existing Projects

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