Friday, April 22, 2011


I decided to forge ahead with the drum line app.  I've got it to the point where things are working from a programmatic standpoint.  The sequencer object reads in the score.  The score consists of measures.  Measures consist of notes.  Measures & notes can be instantiated and added to the score, which is then passed to the sequencer for playing the actual drum line.

The notes right now are limited to drum track samples.  I've got it in mind to expand this to allow any kind of sounds / voices.  But, drum samples are relatively easy to get going.  We'll see how things progress.

The things to do list currently consists of:
  • Create a UI for the sequencer for playing
  • Create an Editor
  • Allow storing / loading of previous compositions
  • Allow importing / exporting of compositions
  • Observe memory usage effects resulting from samples.  Will I need to down sample?
Need to do some experimentation yet, however, to make sure that the Android device is capable of handling this.  As mentioned in a previous post, there are some issues with latency and audio.  Things work fine on my quad-core desktop at up to 160 bpm (haven't messed around too much with that -- but 160-180 is the top end I want to target).... but will they push my HTC Incredible or Nook Color to the limit?  I've got today off so I plan on doing some testing and coding to see where it brings me.

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