Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun Saturday

I'm putting the music app on the back burner for now and am going to concentrate on an idea I've got for a 2D game.  So, I'm hitting the libgdx forums on BadLogic again and diving into how it's implementation of Box2D works (as well as the fundamentals of Box2D itself.)  Spent a good chunk of time yesterday doing that.

On Friday I received a book from my dad entitled "Secret Codes and Cryptograms" which has over 600 codes to crack.  Rather than dive directly into that, I decided to start writing a Java program for doing cryptographic analysis and decryption.  Since my knowledge of the Swing GUI is nil and I wanted a nice GUI to help me in my code-breaking attempts, I started looking into that.

I'm using the Eclipse IDE and found the WindowBuilder Pro plug-in.  WindowBuilder Pro is a Visual Editor for GUIs.  A couple of tutorials later I'm up to speed on that and am currently design my UI for decryption.  The idea is to give it the following capabilities: text entry, letter frequency analysis, 'guessing' based on letter frequency,  mono-alphabetic substitution and (maybe) brute force methods.  We'll see how it goes.


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