Saturday, June 4, 2011

Been a while since last post...

My progress toward the DrumLine app has pretty much tapered off, unfortunately.  I'm able to create drum tracks programmatically, but there are hiccups in playback due to thread priorities.  The rhythm plays back just fine around 80-90%... but then there are the bits and bobs that make it skip which is extremely annoying and frustrating.  In addition to that, my GUI skills are not all that, so the going is slow.

In other news, at work I've been delving into Mercurial.  It's very similar to Git in that it is a DVCS.  I think they complement each other really well -- if you know Git, you'll understand Mercurial.  I'm getting a lot more familiar with the DVCS concept and the workflows around it.  Not that I'll change how I've got things set up from a DVCS standpoint for my Slide Rule app, but it's cool to grok how things work.

I've got the bug recently to look into cryptography.  I've read about Bitcoin on several different sites including Slashdot, Ron Paul RSS feeds, and  It's got my curiosity piqued.  I discovered that there is an FPGA implementation of the Bitcoin algorithm.  I tried getting that going on a BeMicro SDK board I have from Arrow, but that little sucker does not have enough Logic Cells to implement the guys design.  I've got a DE2-112 board on loan from Arrow, but haven't revisited it (yet!).  Anyway, Bitcoin implements hashing algorithms and Merkle trees and I figured it would be fun to learn more about that stuff so I'm slogging my way through an introductory book on Cryptography. 

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