Saturday, December 3, 2011

Alternative Android Markets

Taking a tip from Neil Rajah and his blog (Ziggy's Games), I've gone ahead and added DB42 to a couple of new markets: AppChina and SlideMe.  I registered the game on AppChina about an hour ago and am still waiting for it to be approved.  *HOPEFULLY* Google translate didn't totally slaughter the simple descriptions I put in.  I figure the simpler they were, the less likely the translation would be something weird for a Chinese person to understand.  On the flip side, I've fired off an e-mail to a former co-worker of mine that knows Chinese.  Hopefully he can help me round things out.

I registered the app about 5 minutes ago on SlideMe.  It also requires a pre-approval process, but I just got an indication as I was typing up this blog post that it has been published.  We'll see how things go!!!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck! The non-Google markets have worked out pretty well for me, so I hope you get a lot of downloads from them as well.