Saturday, December 3, 2011

For Great Justice

DB42 is listed on a Japanese site.  English -> Japanese -> English makes for some weird reading. 

Here's the Japanese -> English translation:

DB42 is a platform puzzle game placed in the path of the robot is great! I droid - 42 Dust Bin specified, DB42 As .... Or just "Deeby", service mark spam bots humble friend and fellow electricity. あなたの大きなものの運命にあるし、最後に、あなたのやる気を証明するあなたの監督の認可が知っている ! The fate of the big things in your last, you know your approval of the director to prove your motivation? あなたの方法 Cynobotic 軍の高度なロボットの訓練の場を作る。 Create opportunities for advanced training of military robots Cynobotic your way. これらのあなたのウィットと知恵を最大限にテストされます ! The wit and wisdom are tested to maximize those of you! ジャンプ、実行、スイング、格闘し、テレポート、トップへの道 ! Jump, run, swing, wrestling, teleport way to the top! ゆっくりと、ゲームのコンポーネントを紹介、入門レベルを探るロープを学ぶ。 Slowly introduce the components of the game, learn the ropes explore the introductory level. そこからは、ブラスト オフに多くのレベルの楽しさと脳のからかいの狂気!道に沿ってあなたの機能を強化するアップグレードを選択します。 From there, the madness of brain teasing fun and many levels of blasting off the enhancements to select the upgrade you along the way. ようなものを見つける:-、迷惑バディ。 Find something like: - Buddy annoying. これは、オブジェクトへの引くため短い範囲トラクター ビームです。 This is a tractor beam to pull a short range to the object. 非常に便利なだけである事を得るため… つ..到達 ! To obtain a very useful ... it is only one arrival ..! -、REPUGNICATOR。 -, REPUGNICATOR. これは、リモート スイッチを押しのようなことをすることができます repulsor レイです.フープを撮影します。 This is the repulsor rays that can be like pressing the remote switch. To shoot hoops. はい。 Yes. 真剣に ! Seriously! -無限現実間質性表面 (アイリス)。 - Infinite Reality stromal surface (iris). テレポートあなたアイリス強化の程度を使用します。 Iris uses a degree of strengthening your report. スペースを折り畳みしないので、簡単にされています ! Space does not collapse, has been easier! 環境レベルとしては、水の危険性、重力のフィールド、およびオブジェクト フィールド サプレッサーのようなものが発生します。 As the environmental level, the risk of water, gravity field, like the object occurs, and the suppressor field. DB42 はカジュアルなプラットフォーム\/パズル、パスにロボットの偉大さに置くゲーム!消化しやすいバージョンには 20 のレベルが含まれています。 DB42 is a platform \ / casual puzzle game placed in the path of the robot is great! Is easily digestible version includes 20 levels. フルバージョン (近刊) 広告を削除し、100 のレベルにする方法の詳細が含まれています ! Full version (in press) to remove the ads, include details of how to level 100! アクセス許可の説明: インターネットとネットワークの状態: 広告 & バグ報告のサービスを提供します。 Description of access: Internet and Network Status: Provides the services of bug reports and advertising.
ハードウェアの振動: 触覚 feedbackBug レポート & フィードバック: ごメール には、または私達のフォーラム、web サイトを参照してください ! Vibration Hardware: feedbackBug report and tactile feedback: Please e-mail, or our forums, please see the web site! [タグ: ロボット、ドロイド、テレポート、ポータル、格闘、トラクター ビーム、レパルスベイ線] [Tags: robots, droids, teleport, portals, wrestling, tractor beam, Repulse Bay Line]

Wrestling?  I don't remember that!  Here's the original English copy.  Funny stuff!

You are a lowly Mark I service droid - Dust Bin Designation 42, aka DB42.... or just "Deeby" to your electro-FRIENDS and fellow junk bots. You KNOW you are destined for greater things and have finally won the approval of your overseer to prove your mettle!

Make your way through the Cynobotic Army's Advanced Robotic Training grounds. These will test your wits and resourcefulness to the UTMOST! Jump, run, swing, GRAPPLE and TELEPORT your way to the top!! Learn the ropes as you explore the introductory levels that slowly introduce you to the components of the game. From there, you BLAST OFF into many more levels of fun and brain-teasing craziness!!!

Along the way you will pick up UPGRADES that enhance your capabilities. Find things like:

- The JUNK BUDDY. This is a short range tractor beam for pulling objects towards you. Very useful for obtaining things that are just... out.. of... REACH!

- The REPUGNICATOR. This is a repulsor ray that allows you to push remote switches and do things like... SHOOT HOOPS. Yes. Seriously!!

- The Infinite Reality Interstitial Surface (IRIS). Use your IRIS enhancements to TELEPORT around a level. Folding space has NEVER been so EASY!

As you level environments, you'll encounter things like water HAZARDS, ANTI-GRAVITY fields, and object field SUPPRESSORS.

DB42 is a CASUAL PLATFORM / PUZZLE GAME that puts you on the path to robotic GREATNESS!

The lite version contains 20 levels.  The full version (forthcoming) removes ads and contains 100 levels with more on the way!


Internet and Network State: for serving ads & bug reporting
Hardware vibrate: for haptic feedback

Bug reports & feedback: please send an email to, or visit our Forums on the web site!

[ tags: robot, droid, teleport, portal, grapple, tractor beam, repulse ray ]

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