Thursday, July 7, 2011

Box2D contact listener vs solver: The Showdown

I noticed something unusual as I was testing out my map today.  I was debugging my contact listener's beginContact() method, displaying the velocity that was being reported as an object struck a pad object.  If you've been following this blog, you'll know that I take the contacts and place them in an array for later processing.  I then displayed the velocity of the object during the array processing step. THE VELOCITIES FOR THAT SAME OBJECT WERE VERY DIFFERENT.

This was not expected.  I knew that the object may have been traveling fast enough where it may have contacted the ground below the pad and attribute the difference to that.  However, the net effect I wanted was for the velocity to remain unchanged.  Upon further investigation of the Box2D physics, I saw that its Collide() method (which calls the contact listener), executes BEFORE the Solve() method.  In other words, the contact is detected and the object's speed is valid at that point of impact.  However, the solver comes along and adjusst the velocity of the object before my game engine's processing step is able to do anything about it.  Oh yeah?!  We'll see ABOUT THAT!  Heh.

To get around this, I added a velocity vector to my processing array so that I could record what the velocity was at the point of impact.  Things are now happening the way I want them too.  Woot!

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