Saturday, July 2, 2011

Slide Rule stats

Just thought I'd make a quick post about the current Slide Rule stats:

- I've got one error report, which I believe is automagically generated.  There apparently was a freeze on a platform "OTHERS" relating to "ANR._keyDispatchingTimedOut".  The user did not file an error message so no clue what's up.

- I've had a total of 3927 installs.  The number of 'active' installs is currently riding at 2137 (54% installations).

- Android 2.2 based devices rule at 66.5% of all installs

- Motorola Droid X is the most popular device followed by the HTC Desire HD.  My Droid Incredible is 6th on the list.  Surprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is 5th on the list.

- The US, UK, and Australia are the top three installation locations.  India comes in at #4.

- English is the top language followed by German.

- Installations continue to climb at a slow and steady rate.

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