Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today's achievement: a conveyor belt

I'm starting to work on my "Main Menu" screen.  My plan is to have some non-interactive game action going on in the background.  I drew up an idea to implement a conveyor belt.  I had three ideas for this and implemented two of them. 

The first (unimplemented) idea consists of creating a surface that detects collisions.  When an object has collided with that surface, an impulse is applied in the direction of the conveyor belt direction.  I think this would work, but seems kinda kludgy.

The second idea consists of creating several rotating circles (ie. gears).  Here's a picture of that implementation:

It works ok.  It does suffer from objects occasionally getting stuck between each gear.  I've got a 'slop' implemented so the gears aren't fighting each other -- it may take some tweaking to nail that down (maybe add joints or a filter type that prevents gear collisions?)

The third implementation took quite a while to figure out.  It deals with defining a chained set of objects (that I call the ChainLink) and two gears.  I took a bit of thinking to figure out an algorithm to define the chain link lengths and how you can programmatically adjust the width / height.  The biggest sticking point was a snafu I had with drawing the chain to revolve around the gears -- I was using degrees and the (poorly documented) API I was using didn't indicate that my units should have been in radians.  Whoops.  I ran into this before and was a bit frustrated that it was something as simple as that.  At any rate, here's an example of the conveyor belt I made up.

There's still a bit of slop to it, so I added a 'magic' variable that I named 'tension' that allows you to adjust the size of the gears.  This either tightens up a loose ChainLink or loosens up one that is too tight.  I've tried it on a couple of different sized gears / widths between gears and it works pretty well.

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  1. All that work for nothing! My HTC Incredible cannot handle all those links in the chained conveyor belt. The chain sags BIG time when it runs or just simply falls apart. Drat!!!